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Now, due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus, masks have become a must for many people, especially N95 masks, which have been out of stock on the market. At present, many mask manufacturers are also working overtime and manufacturing. We Ordinary consumers should not stock up masks, just use enough. More importantly, ensure that the supplies can reach more places where they are needed. At the very least, ensure that medical staff need masks.

However, for now, many ordinary consumers still have many questions about N95 and medical surgical masks, such as the distinction between genuine and fake, model distinction, whether it can be used repeatedly, etc., so this time I will help you talk about N95 Masks.

   One. What is the difference between N95 and KN95 masks?

At present, wearing masks on a daily basis has become a “regular posture”. Among them, the N95 and KN95 masks are definitely the most concerned. So what is the difference between them? We then look down.

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Recently, the director of the Disinfection Department of the Infectious Disease Control Institute of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gave a clear answer to N95 and KN95 masks. He said that KN95 masks are our country’s masks with a filtering effect on particulate matter (> 95%), N95 mask It is a test standard in the United States. They are actually the same in terms of the filtering effect of particulate matter, but the code names are different.

In addition, it is worth noting that the masks provided to medical staff are one of the N95 masks. Not all N95 masks are medical protective masks.

At the same time, the masks worn by medical staff need to be worn for 4 hours a day. When wearing a mask to breathe, water vapor will be generated in the mouth and the mask will be wet. Therefore, medical protective masks must be synthesized in addition to filtering particulates. Blood penetration test and moisture resistance test.

In this question, the KN95 and N95 masks mentioned are exactly the same in terms of protection level, so please don’t worry about it at all. Wearing it when you go out will play a considerable protective role.

   2. Can N95 masks be used repeatedly?

It is known that masks are very difficult to buy and the price is very high, so many friends have questions, that is, can N95 masks be used repeatedly? The answer is yes.
The production capacity of masks in China is about 20 million per day, of which 2.2 million are medical surgical masks, and the production capacity of medical N95 masks is 600,000. Therefore, in the case of limited production capacity and current shortage, N95 masks are very expensive. Therefore, if it can be used repeatedly, it can also effectively relieve the current pressure on masks.

A few days ago, the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health of the United States stated that the N95 mask can be used repeatedly as long as the structure and function are maintained and the filter material is not physically damaged. It should be pointed out that in repeated use, The mask needs to be disinfected.

However, when putting on or taking off the mask, it is best to clean your hands first, or wear gloves. This can effectively prevent the mask from being contaminated, because the main pollution risk of the mask is still from the touch of the hand. Disinfection of a mask will destroy the integrity of its structure and function. It is best not to make such an attempt.

For ordinary people, the protection level of N95 masks is already very high, while medical N95 will additionally protect doctors from splashing blood. At present, N95 masks are in short supply, so repeated use can effectively save resources.

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  3. How to distinguish between true and false N95 masks

Although since the new coronavirus epidemic, market supervision departments and consumer associations at all levels have called on merchants to operate in good faith and abide by the law, there are still many unscrupulous merchants who have committed crimes by selling fake masks and taking the opportunity to make illegal profits. When the stock is out of stock, many friends will worry about buying fake masks. Therefore, now I will share some knowledge to distinguish the authenticity of masks.

From the current point of view, the masks that effectively prevent the new coronavirus are medical surgical masks and N95 masks. According to the Beijing Consumer Association, there are three layers of filtering for medical surgical masks. Please confirm whether there is YY0469-2011 on the package when you buy. It is a regular medical surgical mask that meets the YY0469-2011 “Medical Surgical Mask” standard.

For the more N95 masks for sale we come into contact with daily, the American Consumer Association combined with the most popular 3M masks, and also gave a way to distinguish between true and false:

1. Smell the smell: 3M mask has no peculiar smell, it only has activated carbon which has a faint activated carbon fragrance, and no rubber smell.

2. Look at the printing: all the fonts on the 3M mask are laser printed, and the printed traces show a 45-degree oblique angle. The fakes are printed with ink, and the ink printing often has uneven ink. From a specific point of view, The print marks of the genuine 3M masks are striped, while the fake masks are dot-shaped, and the genuine masks can correspond to the serial code on the packaging, but the fake ones cannot.

3. Look at the logo and certification: LA logo and QS certification are not printed on the box, but there are two small labels. Non-domestic masks must have LA certification as long as they are imported formally, and domestic masks must have QS And LA certification.

If you encounter fake products, consumers can call to report. I hope that in this severe epidemic period, unscrupulous businessmen can regret it as soon as possible, so that everyone can spend this extraordinary period safely.

   is written at the end

Everyone knows to wear a mask to protect themselves, but in the face of an epidemic, it is more important to protect yourself, reduce the risk of respiratory infections, and be able to resist the epidemic with greater strength. For ordinary people, letting a limited number of N95 masks for sale show off on the frontline battlefield to ensure the safety of medical staff is far more effective than wearing a mask on the epidemic. Moreover, the more prepared the front line is, the more comfortable ordinary consumers will be when buying masks.

Fighting the virus is a scientific battle. What we ordinary people have to do is not only protect ourselves, but also not cause trouble to the country. We must go out as little as possible in accordance with national regulations and take protective measures when going out. Go through it soon and hope that the front-line medical staff can protect themselves.

What you must know about N95 masks for sale, how to use them, and precautions!

1. Before using the N95 mask, you must remember to wash your hands first, and wash your hands before wearing the mask.

2. When using N95 masks, we must remember that the mask should not be squeezed excessively, as this will cause the mask to deform and leak when wearing it.

3. When wearing an N95 mask, the mask cannot leak air. We need to breathe hard until the air around the mask feels that the air inside does not leak from the mask.
4. When using an N95 mask, there is usually a cheek. This cheek is used to clamp the nose. After putting on the mask, we need to press the nose clamp on the face to clamp the nose.

5. When using N95 masks, we should note that the mask can only be used once, and it is best not to exceed 4 hours.

6. When using a mask, do not wash it with water and use it multiple times. After using the mask, we can burn it directly, or put it in a sealed bag and throw it into the trash can outside.

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