Are medical surgical masks the same as Disposable Face Mask?

The two masks are not the same kind. Now I will dissect the two masks and compare them in detail. The two masks seem to be the same. The inner and outer layers are non-woven fabrics, but the meltblown filter layer in the middle is the fundamental difference.

The first one I brought back from Germany for my brother’s purchases was green (the domestic masks are very out of stock, and medical surgical masks are basically unavailable), and the second is ordinary disposable medical masks, blue. (I forgot to take a photo before the autopsy, and it was a photo taken after disinfecting the used alcohol. The autopsy of the new mask is too wasteful. Please understand that the resources are scarce)

The filter layer is as shown in the figure below. The upper medical surgical mask is a meltblown filter layer, and the Disposable Face Mask below is a non-woven fabric. The meltblown filter layer is obviously more dense. The material is very similar to paper but not paper. It is a bit like DuPont paper. If you don’t know DuPont paper, you can check it.Disposable Face Mask The non-woven filter layer of disposable medical masks is the same as the non-woven fabric of the inner and outer layers, that is, the three-layer non-woven fabric, and even the filter layer is thinner than the inner and outer layers. For a more obvious contrast, I compared the two filter layers under light.

Although the meltblown filter layer of medical surgical masks is light and thin, it is relatively thin, but the filter layer is fragile. Stretching and repeatedly rubbing the filter layer by hand will damage the filter layer. Therefore, to ensure that the filtering effect of the mask cannot be cleaned, the inner and outer layers can be sprayed with alcohol and exposed to the sun. The non-woven filter layer of disposable medical masks is very transparent, and you can even see the outline of the window behind it. The red circle is a clear fiber gap, which shows that the filtering effect is average.
This is another medical surgical mask at home. There are too many specific standards and it is too troublesome to explain. I can only quote the Weibo of Dashen. German masks comply with the European Union EN14683 standard (ranking from weak to strong, Type I, IR, II, IIR). Use I for hay fever or common cold. To prevent influenza and the current new type of coronavirus pneumonia, I think I can buy Class II, with a filtration rate of more than 98%, which is better against liquids and aerosols (particulate matter) than the previous ones. You can buy IIR (this level is recommended by the WHO) when you go to epidemic areas, hospital fever clinics and other places with more viruses. German for surgical masks is Maske OP, or Mundschutz OP. The two disposable medical masks at home were inspected, and the national standards were not marked, but the product standards: YZB/Yu 0119-2004 and Su Xie Zhuzhun 20166241603 I did not find out, so I came. Only find the explanation of two others, see the screenshot below. In general, the anti-virus effect of medical surgical masks is obvious, and there are specific filtering standards. Each manufacturer of Disposable Face Mask has its own standards, which may be uneven. So there is still a big difference between the two.

But in view of the current situation, as long as the things that can be worn on the face are basically sold out, the gas masks are all out of stock, it is not easy to have a mask, and it is better to wear it than without. As shown in the figure below, disposable medical masks can also prevent liquid penetration and prevent droplet infection. Wearing a good mask is better than wearing a good mask (meaning no matter how good a mask is, it won’t work if you don’t wear it in the correct way)
It is not that ordinary medical masks have a bacterial filtration rate of more than 95%, but that the ordinary medical masks that meet the YY/T-0969-2013 standard have a filtering effect of more than 95%. Just like my original answer, the protection level of Disposable Face Mask is true. They are all uneven, one family is the same, they are all by their own standards. Maybe the sample I took is like this, and changing one is completely different. Disposable medical masks are usually used for general care, unlike in the operating room, medical surgical masks must be used. And to be honest, it is difficult to guarantee that there will be no problems with the fake masks and masks purchased through informal channels. Just like before subway entrances, pedestrian streets, and shops will buy disposable masks, ten yuan 3 packs, used to put pollen allergies, many of them are written disposable medical masks, this thing is hard to say. I’d like to point out the key points for everyone. Some mask pads are marked with “Medical Grade” on the outer packaging, so you must keep your eyes open and look for it carefully: Does “YY/T-0969-2013” or “YY0469-2011″ or ” “GB-19083-2010”? The testing standards are very important. Just like the disposable medical masks I tested, I didn’t find YY or GB at all. I didn’t even write the testing standards. You gave me the entire YZB corporate standard. It is difficult to judge how effective his protection is, and the meltblown filter layer used in masks also has different standards.

When buying it, still recognize YY or GB. However, it does not rule out that the disposable medical masks in the hands of some friends really have meltblown cloth, which can achieve the same effect as medical surgical masks. Then, where can I buy reliable masks? If you know you are not at ease about the masks in your hands, you can refer to the following ways to buy some more, the price is quite fair. After all, health is one’s own, no one dares to take risks. (I don’t buy masks, I just provide you with a reliable way.) If you don’t look at Taobao, there is a mixture of fish and dragons, and new ones are updated from time to time. It is still reliable on, and medical surgical masks are still available. I saw the obvious medical surgical terms, including the YY0469-2011 standard, and even the instructions, which can be used for invasive surgery, but medical surgical masks have not run away. Go to Jingdong to search for “masks”. The first few words with appointment are available. Medical surgery and n95 are available. You need to make an appointment before rushing to buy. Each store has a different sale time, but there are a lot of them. It’s basically no problem to grab them on the hour. Remember to read the details before buying, and by the way, look at other people’s evaluations. It does not meet your requirements.

In the end, if you really can’t buy a mask with a higher level of protection, and you have to go out, then bring the mask on your hand. It’s better to wear it than without it. (As a last resort, you can try to help community streets or community properties, there may be solutions)