face masks for sale | Classification of protective masks

1. Daily protective mask

The mask body of the daily protective mask is made of filter material, and the wearer relies on spontaneous breathing to overcome the resistance of the filter material to the airflow, so it is called a self-priming filter respirator. When inhaling, the low air pressure in the mask causes airflow into the mask; when exhaling, the air pressure in the mask is higher than the ambient pressure, and the airflow is discharged through the mask. When the filter material of the mask meets the requirements of the standard, and the mask is sufficiently close to the user’s face, most of the inhalation airflow will be filtered by the filter material. Daily protective masks cannot be 100% close to the human face.

This is affected by many factors such as the shape of the face, the smoothness of the skin, and whether there are hairs under the mask. Most of the particulate matter inhaled by wearing daily protective masks comes from leakage, so the tightness of daily protective masks is the key to ensuring the effectiveness of high-efficiency filters. In order to reduce leakage, daily protective masks must be designed with a solid structure, and a certain pressure is applied by the headband and nose clip to make the mask fit closely to the face.
Daily protective masks are mainly divided into two categories: dust face masks for sale and gas masks.
Dust mask: It is a mask with the ability to protect against harmful dust aerosols. Dust masks are generally cup-shaped, which can effectively fit on the mouth and nose to achieve the effect of dust prevention. Dust masks are usually used to block dust or exhaust gas and cannot filter out germs.
Anti-virus mask: It is a respiratory protective equipment used to protect the respiratory organs from toxic biological warfare agents and radioactive dust.

2. Medical protective mask

Medical protective masks are composed of a mask body and a tension band. The mask body is divided into three layers: inner, middle and outer. The inner layer is ordinary sanitary gauze or non-woven fabric, the middle layer is ultra-fine polypropylene fiber meltblown material layer, and the outer layer It is a layer of non-woven fabric or ultra-thin polypropylene meltblown material. This high-efficiency medical protective mask has strong hydrophobic and air permeability, has a significant filtering effect on small virus-carrying aerosols or harmful dust, and has a good overall filtering effect. The materials used are non-toxic and harmless and comfortable to wear. It can prevent infections caused by airborne infectious agents ≤ 5μmg in diameter or close (≤ 1m) contact with droplet-borne diseases. The particle filtration efficiency of the face masks for sale filter material should not be less than 95%, and the protection level is high [2].
The scope of application includes:
1.Protect the hazards of suspended particles in the air to the human body
2.Suitable for the protection of medical staff in infectious disease areas
3.Suitable for the protection of virus laboratory personnel
4.Protection of various personnel during the epidemic
5.Toxic chemistry, mine workers, pollen allergies
6.Individual protection of military biological and chemical weapons

Which mask is best for coronavirus?

Your question answered what type of mask to wear to reduce the risk of contacting or giving Covid-19 to other
Mask photo: Murdo MacLeod/The Guardian

Does it matter what kind of mask I wear?

Yes. Different types of face masks for sale provide different levels of protection. Surgical grade N95 respirators provide the highest level of protection against Covid-19 infection, followed by surgical grade masks. However, these masks are expensive, have limited supply, cause landfills, and are uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. Therefore, even countries that require the public to wear masks generally recommend that such masks should be reserved for health workers or high-risk groups.

Evidence of the protective value of disposable paper masks or reusable cloth covers is unclear, but still suggests that masks can help reduce the spread of Covid-19. The Royal Society’s analysis said this includes homemade cloth masks.

Is a disposable paper surgical mask better or a cloth face mask?

Evidence regarding the use of face masks for sale other than surgical masks is still emerging: there seem to be some benefits, but the exact parameters of which mask is the best mask and the degree of protection they protect the wearer or the people around are still being calculated. Close to the face may be better, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that any covering, including a headscarf, is better than nothing.

An American study investigated which household materials are best to remove particles with a diameter of 0.3-1.0 microns, the typical size of viruses and bacteria, and concluded that good choices include vacuum cleaner bags and heavier “quilts” Or multilayer materials. Scarf and headscarf materials are not effective, but some particles can still be captured.

How do you get on and off the car safely?

Before putting on a face masks for sale, clean your hands with soap and water. Cover your mouth and nose with a mask and make sure that there are no gaps between your face and the mask. Avoid touching the mask when using it. If you want to wash your hands, please wash your hands. Change the mask when wet. To remove your face masks for sale, please use the elastic label to remove it without touching the front, and immediately discard it in a closed trash can; if the mask is reusable, it should be directly discarded in the washing machine.

How often do you need to wash the mask?

It should be washed after each use. CDC recommends “regular”.